Sarah Palin on the cover of England’s Stylist magazine

Sarah Palin on cover of Stylist magazine

Sarah Palin is now gaining international support! The former vice presidential candidate is featured on this week’s cover of England’s Stylist magazine with the title of “America’s Next Top President?”. Stylist is a growing magazine in England, recently winning the title of “Britain’s Best New Magazine.” In this issue the authors discuss Sarah’s style, fashion and rise to political fame.

This article, totaling four pages, discusses everything from who Palin believes is responsible for the 9/11 attacks to her style of public relations. This magazine has labeled Sarah as “back in the political limelight.”

The pictured used on the Stylist cover is the same picture originally used by Runner’s World for their cover in August of 2009. In this photo, Sarah is wearing black shorts and Asics paired with an Icebreaker long sleeve chase zip pullover in Republican red, of course. (This shirt is available here.) This original Runner’s World cover marked the first time Icebreaker, a sports apparel company based in New Zealand, has appeared on an America magazine cover.

Sarah Palin in Stylist magazine

Although I am not sure whether the Europeans have portrayed Sarah correctly to the British, calling her “America’s Next Top President,” her running clothes look great! Asics are my all-time favorite shoes for running, and the seaming and raglan sleeves featured on this Icebreaker pullover will create a slimming look for any body type.

To view the Stylist magazine yourself, click here.

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