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Poll: Which political woman has your favorite fashion?

Laura Bush, Jackie Kennedy, Sarah Palin (Google Images)

The political women of the past and present have such different styles; however, I believe each woman’s fashion is, in some way, a representation of her outlook. For example, Michelle Obama, just like President Obama, wants change. This is exactly what her wardrobe has done; it has been a big change from first ladies in the past, recent years. Take a look at Laura Bush, a woman of steadfast, conservative views. These views are portrayed through her conservative, dress suits. Finally, Jacqueline Kennedy, a first lady who wanted to bring art and style from other countries into America. Jackie first started this feat by bringing in her iconic clothing, created by foreign designers. There are several styles to chose from, which woman has your favorite fashion?

When stopped on campus, Annemarie Stanson, a junior at Texas A&M University, said she favors the style of Jackie Kennedy above all other political women, because of she had the ability to keep her look “classy, but still on the cutting edge of fashion.” However, Sophie Nall, another Texas A&M student, is a fan of Laura Bush’s fashion. Sophie likes how Mrs. Bush remained stylish without focusing on her clothing. “Fashion wasn’t a dwelling point for her. She put her focus into her platform,” she stated. Kamryn Hebert likes the fashion of Sarah Palin over all the other political women, because she looks like a “normal woman,” she says. Miss Hebert likes that Sarah isn’t afraid to show the world her true self, even in her running gear (referring to the 2009 issue of Runner’s World which featured Palin on the cover).

The Bush Sisters: Daughters of Fashion

Barbara and Jenna Bush

Barbara (L) and Jenna Bush Hager (Getty Images)

It’s no surprise that the two former first daughters, Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Bush, no what is what in fashion. After having a mother with timeless fashion, like that of Laura Bush, these two girls were surrounded by chic elegance throughout their lives. Pictured above, the women are seen speaking at the 6th annual Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) on September 22nd. Each year, this meeting is held in New York City the same week as the United Nations General Assembly, so that most world leaders are already conveniently in the area and able to attend. The CGI, founded by former President Bill Clinton after his time in office, is a gathering of leaders in many fields, from politics to religion, to discuss global issues at hand.

The Bush Sisters

The Bush Sisters (Getty Images)

At this event the Bush women looked amazing in their fashion forward trends! Barbara Bush was dressed in a bright orange sleeveless sundress with white buttons down the front of the dress. She completed her more casual look with a pair of simple, ballet flats. On the other hand, Jenna Bush was a little more avant-garde with her ensemble. She wore a beige, sheath dress with inverted pleats at the neckline. The best part of Jenna’s ensemble is her knee-high, leather saddle boots. These riding boots are one of fall’s hottest trends. If you don’t own a pair of these boots yet, it’s time to go shopping!

Out of the two sisters, I prefer Jenna’s style over that of Barbara on this occasion. Whose outfit do you like best?