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Maybe Not So Dashing in Donna?

Michelle Obama, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jill Biden (Stephen Chernin/AP Photo)

First Lady Michelle Obama and Jill Biden both appeared at a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee in New York City this evening. Before the event, Mrs. Obama attended a dinner hosted by designer Donna Karan, which might explain Michelle’s outfit of choice.

For this event Michelle Obama chose to wear a Donna Karan draped halter dress (see here) in a rich, charcoal color. Her hair was pinned up in a chic, pompadour bun, and she completed her look with a chunky necklace designed by Erickson Beamon (also the designer of many of Michelle’s chunky, statement belts). Dr. Biden also looks quite fashionable, wearing figure-flattering dress with cow neckline and accented with a brooch. Perhaps she has upped her look in order to compete with the iconic style of Michelle? We all know Michelle was the first to add the brooch to a simple frock.

Tropical Punch (Showroom Seven for Erickson Beamon)

I absolutely love this look on Jill Biden; she looks fabulous. I am also a fan of this teased bun on Michelle. However, no offense to Donna Karan, but this dress looks hideous on the first lady. I think this is one of those dresses that only look good on rail-thin models of the runway. It gathers in too many places on Michelle’s silhouette, making her appear larger than she actually is. On the other hand, I have always been a fan of the talented Erickson Beamon, and he has yet to let me down! I adore this overstated necklace, and love that Michelle wore her hair up to show it off.

How do you think these two women of D.C. look?

Obama Fashion on the Campaign Trail

President Obama and Michelle (Saul Loeb/Getty Images)

Yesterday afternoon, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama hit the campaign trail together! The first couple traveled to Cleveland, Ohio to speak at a Democratic fundraiser, supporting Governor Strickland. After this event, the president and first lady headed to Columbus for a Democratic National Convention rally.

President Obama kept his usual, professional look, wearing slacks, button-down shirt and sport coat. However, he chose to go without a tie for this occasion. Michelle paired an inverted, lace top with blue trousers and ballet flats. What is interesting about this look? Well, we’ve actually seen this blouse on Michelle before, quite recently actually. Earlier in October, Mrs. Obama wore this top as she departed Camp David; however, last time, she wore the top the opposite direction. The first lady has a flip flop blouse that can be worn either way! I definitely prefer the lace in front.

Chic in Chicago

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama at polls in Chicago (John Gress/Reuters)

First Lady Michelle Obama stayed in Chicago once again today, visiting the Early Voting Polling Place. She kept her appearance a bit more casual for this event, opting to wear a multi-print blouse paired with a blue cardigan and black trousers. Her waist was cinched in by a black, oversized belt.

This look definitely says “Michelle.” The oversized belt paired over a cardigan has been Mrs. Obama’s signature look since her time in the White House. I think pairing a belt and cardigan is a great idea! However, why does the cardigan always go under the belt? In my opinion, Michelle’s ensemble would have looked much more becoming if the belt was wrapped around her blouse and the cardigan was placed on top of these two pieces. As far as the belt goes, the term oversized does not seem to describe how huge this belt really is. It looks extremely uncomfortable, and is distracting to the eye; people will be looking at Michelle’s outfit instead of her.

What do you think about this look?

Michelle in Milwaukee

Before visiting her home city of Chicago on the campaign trail today, First Lady Michelle Obama first visited Milwaukee, Wisconsin. On her visit, she spoke at a campaign event supporting Senator Russ Feingold. Feingold will be running against Republican businessman Ron Johnson in the November elections. This trip marks Michelle’s first campaign trail in nearly two years.

Michelle Obama (Morry Gash/AP Photos)

For this event, Michelle wore a sleeveless, bright pink dress from Talbot’s. She then accessorized this look with a colorful St. Erasmus necklace.

Fabulous! This look is stunning. I am much more a fan of the first lady’s campaign attire than her everyday grub. First ladies should always care about their appearance, and I think Michelle should dress in the style every day. She needs to be aware that the paparazzi will constantly be taking photographs of her. She should not change her lifestyle for the paparazzi, but she could choose to dress more elegantly in her daily wear. It is looking like her husband will only be in office for one term, so in my opinion, she can deal with the style change for four years. Keep up the looks like this one, Michelle!

Fashion on the Campaign Trail

Earlier this afternoon, First Lady Michelle Obama started on her campaign trail. After speaking in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the first lady traveled to her home city of Chicago. In Chicago, she appeared at a campaign fundraiser supporting Alexi Giannoulias, United States Senate candidate. Giannoulias will be facing Republican Congressman Mark Kirk in the November elections for President Obama’s former Senate seat.

Michelle Obama speaks in Chicago (Jeff Haynes/Getty Images)

For this special occasion, back in her home town, Mrs. Obama kept her look simply classic and elegant, perfect for any first lady’s approach to style. She chose to wear a sleeveless, black dress with boat-neckline. Finishing off this ensemble, she added one of her signature pieces, an Alaia belt.

Thank you, Mrs. Obama! This outfit looks absolutely amazing. As Coco Chanel would say, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous!” And that you are, Michelle! Although I do not agree with Mrs. Obama’s politics, this look is outstanding. Mrs. Obama looks best in simple and chic ensembles.