Michelle in Milwaukee

Before visiting her home city of Chicago on the campaign trail today, First Lady Michelle Obama first visited Milwaukee, Wisconsin. On her visit, she spoke at a campaign event supporting Senator Russ Feingold. Feingold will be running against Republican businessman Ron Johnson in the November elections. This trip marks Michelle’s first campaign trail in nearly two years.

Michelle Obama (Morry Gash/AP Photos)

For this event, Michelle wore a sleeveless, bright pink dress from Talbot’s. She then accessorized this look with a colorful St. Erasmus necklace.

Fabulous! This look is stunning. I am much more a fan of the first lady’s campaign attire than her everyday grub. First ladies should always care about their appearance, and I think Michelle should dress in the style every day. She needs to be aware that the paparazzi will constantly be taking photographs of her. She should not change her lifestyle for the paparazzi, but she could choose to dress more elegantly in her daily wear. It is looking like her husband will only be in office for one term, so in my opinion, she can deal with the style change for four years. Keep up the looks like this one, Michelle!

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