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Poll: Which political woman has your favorite fashion?

Laura Bush, Jackie Kennedy, Sarah Palin (Google Images)

The political women of the past and present have such different styles; however, I believe each woman’s fashion is, in some way, a representation of her outlook. For example, Michelle Obama, just like President Obama, wants change. This is exactly what her wardrobe has done; it has been a big change from first ladies in the past, recent years. Take a look at Laura Bush, a woman of steadfast, conservative views. These views are portrayed through her conservative, dress suits. Finally, Jacqueline Kennedy, a first lady who wanted to bring art and style from other countries into America. Jackie first started this feat by bringing in her iconic clothing, created by foreign designers. There are several styles to chose from, which woman has your favorite fashion?

When stopped on campus, Annemarie Stanson, a junior at Texas A&M University, said she favors the style of Jackie Kennedy above all other political women, because of she had the ability to keep her look “classy, but still on the cutting edge of fashion.” However, Sophie Nall, another Texas A&M student, is a fan of Laura Bush’s fashion. Sophie likes how Mrs. Bush remained stylish without focusing on her clothing. “Fashion wasn’t a dwelling point for her. She put her focus into her platform,” she stated. Kamryn Hebert likes the fashion of Sarah Palin over all the other political women, because she looks like a “normal woman,” she says. Miss Hebert likes that Sarah isn’t afraid to show the world her true self, even in her running gear (referring to the 2009 issue of Runner’s World which featured Palin on the cover).

Fashion Flashback: Nancy Reagan’s White House Christmas themes

Former President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan (Ronald Reagan Presidential Library)

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan had the privilege of choosing the White House Christmas theme for eight consecutive Christmases. Her first official tree in 1981 was decorated with ornaments lent by the Museum of American Folk Art. However, for each following Christmas, Mrs. Reagan arranged for all the ornaments to be made by the members of Second Genesis, a drug treatment program in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Foil cones and snowflakes were made in 1982, and then reused the following year for the White House tree, which featured old-fashioned toys, lent by the Margaret Woodbury Strong Museum. In 1984, the tree contained all natural pieces crafted by the Brandywine Museum in Pennsylvania. To complement these pieces, Second Genesis contributed ornaments fashioned out of plant materials.

In 1985 the tree was decorated with 1,500 ornaments made from holiday cards sent to President Reagan the year before. In order for these many ornaments so be made, Second Genesis paired up with the Reagan’s Executive Residence staff. The team was so great together that they worked alongside one another the next three holiday seasons. Together in 1986, they made 15 soft-sculpture nursery rhyme scenes and 100 geese ornaments for Mrs. Reagan’s “Mother Goose” themed Christmas. In 1987, the “Musical” tree was trimmed in miniature instruments, sheet music, and notes. For Nancy’s final “Old-fashioned” Christmas tree of 1988, the White House carpenters created 300 wood candles to hang from the Blue Room tree. In addition to these pieces, Mrs. Reagan added hand-blown glass ornaments from the Eisenhower Administration along with Pat Nixon’s state flower balls of 1969.

What do you think of Nancy’s style motif for the holidays?

Lady in Red

In first impressions, a women’s clothing can play a major role in describing her characteristics and how others subconsciously view her. First ladies have become known and partially defined by the garments they wear. Thanks to a long line of chic women of the White House, when one thinks of the first lady, they envision beauty, elegance, grace and charisma, all tied together with a string of knowledge.

Nancy Reagan (Wikipedia)

Throughout the centuries, the first ladies have had various different styles and fashion tastes which embodied each woman’s personality; one may have favored the trendy styles of bargain retailers, while another preferred the elegant fashions of French designers. Although each first lady had different fashion sense, one color can unify them all and almost even capture the essence of who the first lady is and should aspire to be – demure, yet bold in her beliefs and meek, yet self-confident. Only this one color can encompass Jackie Kennedy’s elegance, Nancy Reagan’s poise, the tender heart of Laura Bush, the spunk of Grace Coolidge and the engaging smile of Michelle Obama, the color red.

The vibrant color of red signifies confidence and passion, the two attributes by which first ladies are defined. When speaking on issues at hand, the first lady needs to be passionate; nothing gets done in the world unless there is someone passionate about doing it. In whatever she does, it is vital that the first lady be confident in herself and her husband, the president. Without having faith in the arrangements you are caring out, nothing will go according to plan. After all, if you do not have confidence in your own plans, why expect that anyone else will?

If you want to be seen as elegant and poised, confident and passionate, throw on your red dress.

Take the First Lady fashion quiz and test your knowledge of the First Ladies’ styles. How many can you answer right? Click HERE.

A Glimpse Back at the Flawless Fashion of Nancy Reagan

Dresses of Nancy Reagan

It seems as though when most view the style of the first ladies, all the gossip jumps from Jackie to Michelle. When thoughts turn to Nancy Reagan, we reflect on her meek and demure persona, which captured the hearts of the American people. We love Nancy for her sturdy self-confidence and gentle caring ways, yet her undying flawless style has been casually overlooked throughout the years.

One of the most fashionable traits of Mrs. Reagan is the fact that she is not openly flamboyant with her style; it seems as though she does not even try to be glamorous. I doubt she stares into her closet deciding what to wear or wondering what vibe each outfit will exude. She simply walks into her closet, grabs what she wants to wear, and coincidentally each outfit she chooses is flawless.

Known for wearing her infamous “Reagan Red”, Nancy has a wardrobe which consists of complimentary predominant colors, with a style that is preppy and clean cut. She always portrays a look of being classically chic; her clothing worn during her time as first lady in the 1980’s is still fashionable today. In each of her garments, she looks comfortable, yet still remains perfectly graceful and elegant.

Nancy Reagan is a timeless beauty. She is not fashionable simply by her chic choices in clothing, but by her thoughts and outlook on style which coincide with her impeccable taste. For example, she was criticized for some of her clothing being so expensive, but she was so committed to her style that she wore the clothes regardless of their comments and later donated them to charity. Now, that is true style, confidence and fashion combined.