Lady in Red

In first impressions, a women’s clothing can play a major role in describing her characteristics and how others subconsciously view her. First ladies have become known and partially defined by the garments they wear. Thanks to a long line of chic women of the White House, when one thinks of the first lady, they envision beauty, elegance, grace and charisma, all tied together with a string of knowledge.

Nancy Reagan (Wikipedia)

Throughout the centuries, the first ladies have had various different styles and fashion tastes which embodied each woman’s personality; one may have favored the trendy styles of bargain retailers, while another preferred the elegant fashions of French designers. Although each first lady had different fashion sense, one color can unify them all and almost even capture the essence of who the first lady is and should aspire to be – demure, yet bold in her beliefs and meek, yet self-confident. Only this one color can encompass Jackie Kennedy’s elegance, Nancy Reagan’s poise, the tender heart of Laura Bush, the spunk of Grace Coolidge and the engaging smile of Michelle Obama, the color red.

The vibrant color of red signifies confidence and passion, the two attributes by which first ladies are defined. When speaking on issues at hand, the first lady needs to be passionate; nothing gets done in the world unless there is someone passionate about doing it. In whatever she does, it is vital that the first lady be confident in herself and her husband, the president. Without having faith in the arrangements you are caring out, nothing will go according to plan. After all, if you do not have confidence in your own plans, why expect that anyone else will?

If you want to be seen as elegant and poised, confident and passionate, throw on your red dress.

Take the First Lady fashion quiz and test your knowledge of the First Ladies’ styles. How many can you answer right? Click HERE.

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