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Denim Leggings & Skinny Jeans

Denim leggings are one of the latest fashion trends! This skinny style of jean has made its way back from the 80’s and is definitely here to stay. Have no fear, denim leggings aren’t uncomfortable and constricting as some may think; these leggings actually have a great stretch, allowing for a close and comfortable fit.

These denim leggings, or “jeggings,” as they are being labeled, are not your average teenagers’ leggings; they can be dressed up or down, worn casually or sported with a more sophisticated look. All this hype about denim leggings leaves only one question – how do you wear them?

Casual Look
Have fun with you leggings, and don’t be afraid to try something new! A great look with skinny jeans is a button-down shirt paired with a belt cinched in at the smallest part of your waistline. These leggings also look chic paired with some ballet flats and one of this year’s hottest styles, the fitted women’s blazer. When searching for a top to go with your great denim find, remember it is important to keep your blouse slightly loose or layer another blouse or blazer over a tighter fitting top.

Have fun with the new colors of jeggings as well. Keep your look avant-garde with some red jean leggings. However, when wearing bold legging colors, even things out by keeping the top more subtle, such as a simple black or neutral colored blouse.

Sophisticated Style
For a more sophisticated look, stick with the dark wash denim leggings, such as dark blue or even black. It is important to leave the destroyed denim packed with holes, faded washes and patterned jeans out of this look. For this more distinguished fashion approach, pair the leggings with a tunic. Tunics vary in length allowing one to choose the perfect top that falls just over their hips, creating the allusion of a longer torso. Then dress up the jeggings just as you would a pair of dress jeans. Try adding a fitted blazer over a long top, then pair this look with some stylish platform heels.

Find denim leggings online at Hue, Gap, Old Navy and Dillard’s.