A Glimpse Back at the Flawless Fashion of Nancy Reagan

Dresses of Nancy Reagan

It seems as though when most view the style of the first ladies, all the gossip jumps from Jackie to Michelle. When thoughts turn to Nancy Reagan, we reflect on her meek and demure persona, which captured the hearts of the American people. We love Nancy for her sturdy self-confidence and gentle caring ways, yet her undying flawless style has been casually overlooked throughout the years.

One of the most fashionable traits of Mrs. Reagan is the fact that she is not openly flamboyant with her style; it seems as though she does not even try to be glamorous. I doubt she stares into her closet deciding what to wear or wondering what vibe each outfit will exude. She simply walks into her closet, grabs what she wants to wear, and coincidentally each outfit she chooses is flawless.

Known for wearing her infamous “Reagan Red”, Nancy has a wardrobe which consists of complimentary predominant colors, with a style that is preppy and clean cut. She always portrays a look of being classically chic; her clothing worn during her time as first lady in the 1980’s is still fashionable today. In each of her garments, she looks comfortable, yet still remains perfectly graceful and elegant.

Nancy Reagan is a timeless beauty. She is not fashionable simply by her chic choices in clothing, but by her thoughts and outlook on style which coincide with her impeccable taste. For example, she was criticized for some of her clothing being so expensive, but she was so committed to her style that she wore the clothes regardless of their comments and later donated them to charity. Now, that is true style, confidence and fashion combined.

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