Maybe Not So Dashing in Donna?

Michelle Obama, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jill Biden (Stephen Chernin/AP Photo)

First Lady Michelle Obama and Jill Biden both appeared at a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee in New York City this evening. Before the event, Mrs. Obama attended a dinner hosted by designer Donna Karan, which might explain Michelle’s outfit of choice.

For this event Michelle Obama chose to wear a Donna Karan draped halter dress (see here) in a rich, charcoal color. Her hair was pinned up in a chic, pompadour bun, and she completed her look with a chunky necklace designed by Erickson Beamon (also the designer of many of Michelle’s chunky, statement belts). Dr. Biden also looks quite fashionable, wearing figure-flattering dress with cow neckline and accented with a brooch. Perhaps she has upped her look in order to compete with the iconic style of Michelle? We all know Michelle was the first to add the brooch to a simple frock.

Tropical Punch (Showroom Seven for Erickson Beamon)

I absolutely love this look on Jill Biden; she looks fabulous. I am also a fan of this teased bun on Michelle. However, no offense to Donna Karan, but this dress looks hideous on the first lady. I think this is one of those dresses that only look good on rail-thin models of the runway. It gathers in too many places on Michelle’s silhouette, making her appear larger than she actually is. On the other hand, I have always been a fan of the talented Erickson Beamon, and he has yet to let me down! I adore this overstated necklace, and love that Michelle wore her hair up to show it off.

How do you think these two women of D.C. look?

3 responses to “Maybe Not So Dashing in Donna?

  1. She looks like the huge woman she really is. She has quite a nerve to wear that dress, especially in front of such fashion icons. I swear, Michelle does not own a mirror and has a staff too afraid of her to tell her the truth. She seems to prefer clothes that are four or so sizes too small. She obviously has a distorted sense of her size.

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