Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding details: from the dress to the guest list

From the dress to the guest list, we’ve got it all!

Wedding Gown – Who designed the dress?

Prince William & Kate (Engagement Portrait by Mario Testino)

Details regarding Kate Middleton’s wedding gown have been kept a secret, as she has vowed not to reveal any details until she is seen at the ceremony. However, London’s Daily Mail reported some details of the design early Monday morning.

The fashion savvy Kate Middleton will wear a dress which she designed herself!

The design is rumored to be reminiscent of the Renaissance period, taking inspiration from Middleton’s History of Art degree.

It has been reported that the bride has designed an ivory gown with satin and lace detail, a pearl button back and 10-foot train. The dress will also include what is described as a “nod” to the Emanuel wedding gown worn by Princess Diana.

34-year-old designer Sophie Cranston, of the low-key label Libelula, was tipped as the creator of Middleton’s dream design.

Guest List – What celebrities will be there?

The royal family has just released the invite list with some expected, and some rather surprising, names. President Obama and First Lady Michelle did not make the cut of 1,900 lucky guests. Of the 1,900 guests, only 600 have been invited to the lunchtime reception at Buckingham Palace given by Queen Elizabeth. Furthermore, only 300 have been invited to the dinner at Buckingham Palace given by Prince Charles.

The list totals 1,000 friends and family members, 52 members of the royal family, 46 members of foreign royal families and 80 guests from Prince William’s charities.

Guests include:

  • Sir Elton John: A favorite of the royal family and memorable performer of “Candle in the Wind” at the funeral of Princess Diana.
  • David and Victoria Beckham: As president of the U.K.’s Football Association, Prince William has become close friends with the Beckhams. Additionally, Victoria Beckham, the former Posh Spice, is one of Kate Middleton’s favorite designers.
  • Rowan “Mr. Bean” Atkinson: The actor is a close friend of Prince Charles. Perhaps if things start dragging at the ceremony, Mr. Bean can lighten the mood.
  • Guy Ritchie: The film maker and former spouse of Madonna is a friend of Prince William and Kate.
  • Joss Stone: This soul-singer is a longtime friend of William and Harry, and even performed at the 2007 Concert for Diana and 2008 City Salute.

It is also rumored that Kanye West has received an invitation.

The royal wedding will take place April 29 at Westminster Abbey.

Check back for more royal wedding updates! And if you live for fashion and politics, check out my articles on First Lady Style at FashionablyCorrect.com.

Michelle in a Midi

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama at the Operation Homefront 2011 Child of the Year awards ceremony (Cliff Owen/AP Images)

Friday afternoon First Lady Michelle Obama made an appearance at a nonprofit award ceremony in one of this season’s latest styles.

Mrs. Obama attended the 2011 Military Child of the Year award ceremony, in Arlington, VA. Each year five military children are honored in this ceremony as a part of Operation Homefront, a national nonprofit organization which provides emergency financial aid and other assistance to military members and their family.

At this event, Michelle was dressed in a white and brick red, graphic print top, which she wore tucked inside a long, slim-fitting skirt. She cinched in her waist with her signature accessory, a thick belt, and wore her hair back with drop earrings.

With no full length pictures of the skirt, the only question is how long was it? Did the first lady go with a full-length skirt? Or perhaps she opted for this spring’s latest midi (mid-length skirt), a style which Vogue has popularized this season (seen here).

What is your guess?

Michelle Obama fashion: Motown metallic

Michelle Obama

Thursday afternoon First Lady Michelle Obama hosted The Sound of Young America: the History of Motown in the East Room of the White House.

The performance, which highlighted the unique sounds of Motown Records, was part of Mrs. Obama’s scheduled series of performing arts events at the White House.

Some of the artists at this event included singers John Legend, Smokey Robinson, Sheryl Crow, Natasha Bedingfield, Seal and Nick Jonas. Others in attendance were Motown founder Berry Gordy Jr. and Grammy Museum Executive Director Bob Santelli.

For this occasion Michelle chose to wear a polka dot sheath in metallic silver, one of this season’s hottest trends. The dress incorportated a ruffle front detail with floral brooch at the collar.

What do you think about this look? Leave a comment and let me know!

Get Kate Middleton’s little white dress

Prince William & Kate (Photo by Mario Testino)

White – it’s the latest rage! The time has come to put away that black dress of the holiday season and pull out this spring’s hottest trend, the little white dress.

Kate Middleton, the fiancé of Prince William, first brought our attention to this chic trend by wearing the white, Nannette dress, designed by Reiss, for her engagement photos. Since these pictures were released in mid-December, designers, as well as department stores, have been unable to keep their white dresses in stock.

However, a new shipment of the Reiss Nanette dress, the exact design Kate Middleton owns, will be delivered to the States this Monday, February 7. The dress will be available for only $325. Check out the Reiss blog here for more details.

Think $325 is too expensive for this look? Don’t let the price stop you from getting this fresh, spring must-have! Check out these other sites for that perfect little white dress of the spring 2011 – J.Crew, Dillards. Don’t forget to get the look best for your body type (check out this article for more details).

Kate Middleton's Engagement Dress

Fashion Flashback: Rosalynn Carter’s recyced inaugural gown

Rosalynn Carter (Jimmy Carter Library)

In my eyes, Rosalynn Carter had great fashion sense. Her wardrobe consisted of posh, classic pieces of her era. However, still today many female politicians never wear the same dress twice, due to the overwhelming amount of criticism Mrs. Carter received for her reuse of a dress at the 1977 inaugural ball.

Rosalynn chose to wear her beautiful blue ball gown to the event. This dress featured chiffon material with gold trimming at the neck, waist, cuffs and bodice of her gown. Atop this dress, she wore a matching gold embroidered, sleeveless coat. However, there was only one problem to this stunning ensemble, Rosalynn Carter had worn the same exact dress, designed by Mary Matise, six years earlier. In 1971, she wore this dress to her husband’s inauguration as governor of Georgia. The news was filled with talk of the first lady’s failed responsibility to the fashion industry and how the American people desire their first lady to display glamour through her wardrobe.

Is this the same today? If Michelle Obama or Laura Bush were to reuse a ball gown, would the media crush them for this decision? Or, rather, would they be praised for taking note of our economic crisis? Perhaps Rosalynn Carter wore this dress because she liked it and did not desire another dress. In my opinion, our current female politicians should do the same. I think that the recycling of a gown would demonstrate that we are all having to cut back our spending during our current economic downfall.

Would you criticize a current politician if they wore the same gown to two separate events?

Poll: Which political woman has your favorite fashion?

Laura Bush, Jackie Kennedy, Sarah Palin (Google Images)

The political women of the past and present have such different styles; however, I believe each woman’s fashion is, in some way, a representation of her outlook. For example, Michelle Obama, just like President Obama, wants change. This is exactly what her wardrobe has done; it has been a big change from first ladies in the past, recent years. Take a look at Laura Bush, a woman of steadfast, conservative views. These views are portrayed through her conservative, dress suits. Finally, Jacqueline Kennedy, a first lady who wanted to bring art and style from other countries into America. Jackie first started this feat by bringing in her iconic clothing, created by foreign designers. There are several styles to chose from, which woman has your favorite fashion?

When stopped on campus, Annemarie Stanson, a junior at Texas A&M University, said she favors the style of Jackie Kennedy above all other political women, because of she had the ability to keep her look “classy, but still on the cutting edge of fashion.” However, Sophie Nall, another Texas A&M student, is a fan of Laura Bush’s fashion. Sophie likes how Mrs. Bush remained stylish without focusing on her clothing. “Fashion wasn’t a dwelling point for her. She put her focus into her platform,” she stated. Kamryn Hebert likes the fashion of Sarah Palin over all the other political women, because she looks like a “normal woman,” she says. Miss Hebert likes that Sarah isn’t afraid to show the world her true self, even in her running gear (referring to the 2009 issue of Runner’s World which featured Palin on the cover).

Happy Hanukkah at the White House

President and Michelle Obama

President and Michelle Obama celebrating Hanukkah (Getty Images)

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama took part in a Hanukkah celebration in the East Room of the White House last night, the second night of the Jewish festival of lights. The Obamas watched as guests recited prayers and lit the candles of a menorah. The guest list of over five hundred people also included one-third of the Supreme Court. Justices Breyer, Ginsburg and Kagan were all present at this event.

A unique menorah, loaned to the White House by a New Orleans’ congregation, was used for this ceremony. The beautiful menorah was one of a few items to endure Hurricane Katrina; it was restored to be re-lit for Hanukkah.

For this celebration, Mrs. Obama was dressed in a L’Wren Scott cashmere cardigan adorned in blue sequins (available here). She paired this cardigan with a black dress, featuring a full skirt and accessorized by adding a vintage brooch pinned at her shoulder and small, stud earrings.

To get a better look at the dress and hear President Obama’s address, check out the video below!

Sarah Palin on the cover of England’s Stylist magazine

Sarah Palin on cover of Stylist magazine

Sarah Palin is now gaining international support! The former vice presidential candidate is featured on this week’s cover of England’s Stylist magazine with the title of “America’s Next Top President?”. Stylist is a growing magazine in England, recently winning the title of “Britain’s Best New Magazine.” In this issue the authors discuss Sarah’s style, fashion and rise to political fame.

This article, totaling four pages, discusses everything from who Palin believes is responsible for the 9/11 attacks to her style of public relations. This magazine has labeled Sarah as “back in the political limelight.”

The pictured used on the Stylist cover is the same picture originally used by Runner’s World for their cover in August of 2009. In this photo, Sarah is wearing black shorts and Asics paired with an Icebreaker long sleeve chase zip pullover in Republican red, of course. (This shirt is available here.) This original Runner’s World cover marked the first time Icebreaker, a sports apparel company based in New Zealand, has appeared on an America magazine cover.

Sarah Palin in Stylist magazine

Although I am not sure whether the Europeans have portrayed Sarah correctly to the British, calling her “America’s Next Top President,” her running clothes look great! Asics are my all-time favorite shoes for running, and the seaming and raglan sleeves featured on this Icebreaker pullover will create a slimming look for any body type.

To view the Stylist magazine yourself, click here.

Fashion Flashback: Nancy Reagan’s White House Christmas themes

Former President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan (Ronald Reagan Presidential Library)

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan had the privilege of choosing the White House Christmas theme for eight consecutive Christmases. Her first official tree in 1981 was decorated with ornaments lent by the Museum of American Folk Art. However, for each following Christmas, Mrs. Reagan arranged for all the ornaments to be made by the members of Second Genesis, a drug treatment program in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Foil cones and snowflakes were made in 1982, and then reused the following year for the White House tree, which featured old-fashioned toys, lent by the Margaret Woodbury Strong Museum. In 1984, the tree contained all natural pieces crafted by the Brandywine Museum in Pennsylvania. To complement these pieces, Second Genesis contributed ornaments fashioned out of plant materials.

In 1985 the tree was decorated with 1,500 ornaments made from holiday cards sent to President Reagan the year before. In order for these many ornaments so be made, Second Genesis paired up with the Reagan’s Executive Residence staff. The team was so great together that they worked alongside one another the next three holiday seasons. Together in 1986, they made 15 soft-sculpture nursery rhyme scenes and 100 geese ornaments for Mrs. Reagan’s “Mother Goose” themed Christmas. In 1987, the “Musical” tree was trimmed in miniature instruments, sheet music, and notes. For Nancy’s final “Old-fashioned” Christmas tree of 1988, the White House carpenters created 300 wood candles to hang from the Blue Room tree. In addition to these pieces, Mrs. Reagan added hand-blown glass ornaments from the Eisenhower Administration along with Pat Nixon’s state flower balls of 1969.

What do you think of Nancy’s style motif for the holidays?

Simple Gifts: Michelle Obama announces the 2010 White House Christmas theme

Michelle Obama announces "Simple Gifts" (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

This afternoon, at a special White House holiday preview for military members and their family, First Lady Michelle Obama announced the long awaited 2010 White House Christmas theme of “Simple Gifts.” Ever since Jackie Kennedy began the tradition of the White House Christmas theme in 1961, the first ladies have been honored with the privilege of choosing the White House Christmas theme. In her address at this Christmas preview, Michelle stated that she believes this year’s decorations are even more beautiful than those of last year. She also expressed her excitement about the “Simple Gifts” theme, explaining, “The greatest blessings of all are the ones that don’t cost a thing: the time that we spend with our loved ones, the freedoms we enjoy as Americans and the joy we feel from reaching out to those in need.”

Take a look at the video below for a preview of the “Simple Gifts” decorations.

For this event, Michelle chose to wear a sleeveless, navy and gold sheath dress paired with a matching jacket. In my opinion, this year’s Christmas theme is very original, especially compared to many of the first ladies’ often repeated themes, such as “Children” or “The Nutcracker.” Additionally, I think Mrs. Obama’s attire looks lovely! She is starting the holidays off with a bang!

What do you think about the 2010 White House Christmas theme?