Stylishly Chic vs. Classically Elegant

Yesterday afternoon, First Lady Michelle Obama joined Former First Lady Laura Bush in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania for ceremony honoring Flight 93 of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Along with the first ladies, many more were gathered around the sight to listen to Laura Bush speak and pay tribute to the 40 fallen heroes of United Airlines Flight 93 on the ninth anniversary of September 11, 2001. According to The Washington Post, this day was also the first time these two first ladies have shared a stage since the inauguration of President Obama; consequently, I do not find this as a surprise. (For more information from The Washington Post about this event, click here.)

Laura Bush was dressed in a natural-hued, tweed skirt suit with what seem to be this season’s most popular nude pumps. She accented this look with pearl earrings and her usual, bold red lips. Michelle, on the other hand, chose to wear a streamlined, blue silk shantung pant suit with the perfect, figure flattering seaming in a vertical line down her jacket, a look designed by Narciso Rodriguez. A small, diamond flower brooch at Mrs. Obama’s shoulder completed this ensemble.

I usually prefer the tastes of Laura over Michelle; however, on this occasion, I definitely think Mrs. Obama’s outfit is much more chic than that of Mrs. Bush. In my eyes, they both dressed appropriately for the occasion, but Michelle’s ensemble seems to outshine Laura’s outfit. Then again, how many people does she have dressing her again?

Which outfit do you like best?

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