Fashion Faux Pas …Again?

Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson

A new official White House photo of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama has recently surfaced, picturing the couple with the Uruguay Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luis Almagro. This picture was taken last week at the United Nations General Assembly, located in New York City, at an event taking place at the Natural History Museum.

Jewel Samad/Getty Images

For his occasion, Michelle chose to wear a Alaia maple colored dress, rather similar to her hideous blue gown, also designed by Azzedine Alaia, worn last December to the Nobel Peace Prize gala in Oslo.. You would think that she would have learned not to wear this designer after the first fashion faux pas. The v-neckline and shorter, cocktail length do make this dress slightly less of an eye soar compared to the blue gown. However, overall, come on, shouldn’t the first lady be dressing a little classier? The brooch pinned at the center of the neckline just makes this whole ensemble look cheap.

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