Sarah Palin makes appearance on Dancing With The Stars

Sarah Palin’s 19-year old daughter, Bristol, has won a stop on this year’s 2010 Dancing With The Stars. Bristol has already made it through the first two cuts on the show, and was even supported by her mother, Sarah Palin, and sister, Piper, in the audience at last week’s show. Although, there has been controversy over whether or not the audience was booing Sarah before she was asked a few questions on the show (take a look at the video below), she still looked fabulous!

For this event, Sarah wore a streamlined, leather jacket paired with a classic pencil skirt. This outfit is amazing! It’s so nice to see Sarah step away from her normal style of skirt suits and pant suits. She completely nailed the style for the show, but simultaneously looked appropriate for her age and position in politics.

Bristol and her dance partner, Mark Ballas, also made a visit to Alaska before the competition, earlier last week, to rehearse some moves and meet Bristol’s family. Sarah Palin greeted Mark wearing a timeless outfit that will never go out of style, black slacks and a black v-neck blouse paired with simple accessories of a necklace and bangles. Of course, with this ensemble she wore her almost always present pompadour hairstyle.

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