President and Michelle Obama dance in India

Michelle Obama dances

Michelle Obama dances with the children in India (Reuters)

President and Michelle Obama were very active yesterday in India, their second day on the couple’s tour of the country, and Michelle’s outfit changes testify to it. The president and first lady began their day at Holy Name High School, located in Mumbai, where they participated in a Diwali celebration, which included dancing with a group of children. Take a look at the video below to view Michelle Obama dancing, and even see President Obama join in at the end of the video!

For this exciting event, Michelle was dressed in a black and white, textured dress paired with a bright pink cardigan. With this ensemble, she wore a chunky Tropical Punch necklace, designed once again by Ericson Beamon. Michelle has been wearing quite a few pieces by this designer lately; perhaps he is becoming one of her favorite designers?

After this fun activity, President Obama and Michelle visited St. Xavier’s College in New Delhi where Mrs. Obama delivered an address to a crowd of students. For this speech, Michelle exchanged her pink cardigan for a black and white blazer, a perfect match to her dress. She then cinched in her upper torso with a skinny black belt. Michelle looks great in this modern twist of a dress suit.

Finally, after their duties as president and first lady concluded, the couple took a stroll, hand in hand, in New Delhi, touring Humayun’s Tomb. Michelle changed again for this casual afternoon walk. This time, she wore a Paul Som custom, pastel blue dress with detailed pleating at the waist. She added a matching cardigan with an embellished brooch to complete this outfit.

Preisdent Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama

Preisdent Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama (Jim Watson/Getty Images)

It is nice to see Michelle dancing around and not afraid to completely be herself, even when in another country. These two ensembles show that Michelle likes the classic styles with a bit of pizazz thrown into the mix, such as her bright cardigan and chunky necklace.  This first lady has a wardrobe with a wide variety! What do you think about the Mrs. Obama’s  fashion choices?

One response to “President and Michelle Obama dance in India

  1. I do not know much about fashion,unfortunately.

    But I do know that Mrs. Obama’s fashion choices do not matter as long as she fulfills her duty with passion :) I think her character and actions are speaking a bit louder than her appearances – and she has certainly helped President Obama Sir in guiding the United States.

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