Michelle Obama: Mod and Modest in Indonesia

President and First Lady Obama with the President and First Lady of Indonesia (Jim Watson/Getty Images)

Earlier today, President and First Lady Obama arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia, the world’s largest democracy, for a three-day visit. They began their day with a meeting of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and First Lady Ani Yudhoyono of Indonesia during an official arrival ceremony held at the State Palace Complex Istana Merdeka. After this meeting, the two presidents are expected to share a conversation about security and economic issues. Any ideas on what they first ladies will discuss?

For this first appearance in Indonesia, the lady looks magnificently stunning, while still respectful of the Indonesian culture. Michelle was dressed in a black and red patterned dress with pleating at the center of the waistline, a slenderizing look. Under this dress, she wore a pair of loose fitting, black trousers. If Michelle were wearing this garment in America, she would simply wear the dress alone; however, I think this pairing of pants with dresses is quite chic. I, myself, would be too afraid to wear this avant-garde fashion on the streets, but Michelle is much more daring with her style than I am. Hopefully, Michelle will bring this look back to the states! What do you think about it?

As far as President Obama goes, he definitely let me down with his outfit. He did not change from the same suit he was wearing this morning. Sadly, he did not even change his tie. His golden beige tie matched Michelle’s dress this morning, and it is a shame he did not switch into a red tie to match Mrs. Obama once again. After all, President Yudhoyono even chose a tie to match his wife’s blue dress.

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