Serving the Troops on Veterans Day

Michelle Obama (Getty Images)

Mrs. Obama left the ten-day Asia tour today to head back to the United States. Could it be that the first lady is afraid of making another controversial fashion choice, like her head scarf worn yesterday? I think this is probably played a factor in her early departure. On her way back to the White House, she stopped in Ramstein-Miesenbach, Germany to speak to military personnel, as well as their families, at Ramstein Air Force Base. The first lady not only thanked these military troops in speech, but also by serving them a warm lunch.

For this occasion, Michelle Obama was dressed much more casually than she has been seen the past few days in Asia. She wore black slacks paired with an eggshell white tank top and floral cardigan. Her look is very laidback, yet perfect for this service opportunity. She shows that a woman can still look absolutely stylish while serving others.

To view a special Veteran’s Day announcement from First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, please watch the video below.

What are you doing to say thank you this Veterans Day?

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