Michelle Obama back in the Orange Suit

First Lady Michelle Obama (Reuters)

Earlier this afternoon, First Lady Michelle Obama made an appearance at Riverside Elementary School in Alexandria, Virginia. At this appearance, the first lady discussed her new initiative to open 6,000 new salad bars in schools across the country within the next 3 years. This initiative is part of Michelle’s “Let’s Move” campaign, promoting healthy nutrition and exercise for children.

But, what did she wear to this event? She brought out her orange pantsuit again! She paired this suit with a striped, tulle top, (available here) and a vintage, flower brooch.  The blouse and suit were both designed by Jean Paul Gautier.

I know Jean Paul Gautier is a famous designer; however, I am not a fan of this look. Let’s find out what students on the Texas A&M University campus think about Michelle’s orange suit! According to freshman Skyler Herd, “It is in style! It is starting to be a new trend to wear all one color.” However, Jeff McCord disagrees, stating, “This orange is ugly. Why can’t she just stick to suits that normal people wear? It looks like she is just trying to stand out.” Finally, Renee Materne, when asked what she thought of this look, replied, “I don’ like it, but does it really matter? She is probably trying to dress the best she can, and doesn’t need anyone criticizing her, to each his own.”

What are your thoughts on this colorful ensemble?

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