The Obama family cheers on the Oregon State basketball team

Michelle Obama (Getty Images)

Last Saturday night, the Obama family attended a basketball game in Washington, D.C. The entire family, including Michelle’s mother, Marian Robinson, watched Howard University take on Oregon State, coached by Craig Robinson, Michelle Obama’s brother.

The Obama family kept their wardrobe palette in line with the colors of the Oregon State Beavers, wearing all orange and black. Mrs. Obama was dressed in solid black. She wore black, slim-fitting trousers and a black turtleneck paired with a knee-length, textured vest. She then added a punch of color by strapping a bright orange belt across her waist.

Surprisingly, the first lady did not choose her signature style of placing the belt atop her vest. Instead, she layered the textured vest over the orange belt. Did this surprise anyone else?

The Obama family at the Oregon State basketball game (Getty Images)

Additionally, I must note Malia’s orange sneakers, how cute!

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