Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding details: from the dress to the guest list

From the dress to the guest list, we’ve got it all!

Wedding Gown – Who designed the dress?

Prince William & Kate (Engagement Portrait by Mario Testino)

Details regarding Kate Middleton’s wedding gown have been kept a secret, as she has vowed not to reveal any details until she is seen at the ceremony. However, London’s Daily Mail reported some details of the design early Monday morning.

The fashion savvy Kate Middleton will wear a dress which she designed herself!

The design is rumored to be reminiscent of the Renaissance period, taking inspiration from Middleton’s History of Art degree.

It has been reported that the bride has designed an ivory gown with satin and lace detail, a pearl button back and 10-foot train. The dress will also include what is described as a “nod” to the Emanuel wedding gown worn by Princess Diana.

34-year-old designer Sophie Cranston, of the low-key label Libelula, was tipped as the creator of Middleton’s dream design.

Guest List – What celebrities will be there?

The royal family has just released the invite list with some expected, and some rather surprising, names. President Obama and First Lady Michelle did not make the cut of 1,900 lucky guests. Of the 1,900 guests, only 600 have been invited to the lunchtime reception at Buckingham Palace given by Queen Elizabeth. Furthermore, only 300 have been invited to the dinner at Buckingham Palace given by Prince Charles.

The list totals 1,000 friends and family members, 52 members of the royal family, 46 members of foreign royal families and 80 guests from Prince William’s charities.

Guests include:

  • Sir Elton John: A favorite of the royal family and memorable performer of “Candle in the Wind” at the funeral of Princess Diana.
  • David and Victoria Beckham: As president of the U.K.’s Football Association, Prince William has become close friends with the Beckhams. Additionally, Victoria Beckham, the former Posh Spice, is one of Kate Middleton’s favorite designers.
  • Rowan “Mr. Bean” Atkinson: The actor is a close friend of Prince Charles. Perhaps if things start dragging at the ceremony, Mr. Bean can lighten the mood.
  • Guy Ritchie: The film maker and former spouse of Madonna is a friend of Prince William and Kate.
  • Joss Stone: This soul-singer is a longtime friend of William and Harry, and even performed at the 2007 Concert for Diana and 2008 City Salute.

It is also rumored that Kanye West has received an invitation.

The royal wedding will take place April 29 at Westminster Abbey.

Check back for more royal wedding updates! And if you live for fashion and politics, check out my articles on First Lady Style at FashionablyCorrect.com.

116 responses to “Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding details: from the dress to the guest list

  1. I’m excited for them, but it’s on like every channel lol

  2. At first, I thought this was satire…she really designed the dress herself?

    Wow. Brave, bold move…

  3. Designed own wedding dress? That is brave.

  4. Yes indeed it is a brave move that the bride is designing the wedding dress. Anyway, 30 years ago, the world saw his parents wed and 30 years later, we young and old alike are now witnessing the royal wedding soon.



  6. i like to designed my own wedding dress soon but unfortunately,i am not so fashion savvy.=)

  7. duh! who cares.. they will still break up in the end…

  8. Royal weeding! What’s that?
    What say “A party”, I hear ya.

  9. There is so so much news over the royal wedding. However I must admit I plan to watch it and relish in the extra day off with the great UK bank holiday system!
    Nice post.

  10. Nice article thank you! :)

  11. I believe she worked with a designing company after college. I know she participated in some fashion shows in college, so she may have some idea of what she’s doing designing her gown. I’m sure she had top designers working with her to make sure it doesn’t look crazy.

    In terms of the guest list. I doubt they invited Kanye West over the Obama’s, just saying!

  12. Fairy tales are a wonderful antidote to the devestating & depressing “hard news”. I intend to pay attention to every detail.
    Thanks for the coverage.

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  14. I like this post! Anything about their wedding is nice.

  15. Great info! I’ve posted two stories last month on the Royal Wedding. Hope you like. Thanks kindly.

  16. I love this post… and I also love your header for your blog! Pearls are so gorgeous!

    • thefashioncaucus

      Thanks so much, Leah! Pearls are my favorite …so classy and chic :)

      • Agree on the pearls. Gives me something to think about next time I change my header (soon, as my Hippity-Hop Easter Mouse is already out-of-fashion) Well, guess I better just surrender and start planning my big day as a TV Viewer! (and get my tv fixed) I’ll check out your link, too.

  17. I don’t think it’s over-rated at all. I love that they’re so in love right now. Who cares if they break-up later. It’s a celebration of their love now and they’re entitled. It wouldn’t be such big news if people didn’t care. I say kudos to Kate for just about everything.

  18. I am very excited about the Royal Wedding but might I just say i) it is mere speculation about Kate Middleton designing her own gown and not fact; and ii) the information on here is old hat – it’s been available for days on other media.

  19. With no doubt, she can start an own dressing business in soon future.

  20. I can’t wait to see her dress!

  21. No detail has been spared! Check how the Royal Wedding compares to my real wedding http://popnology.com/2011/04/25/royal-wedding-vs-real-wedding/

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  24. What channel to watch, ITV, BBC, 4…

  25. My kids want to watch this wedding. So on Friday we are getting up at 5 am. I am beginning to think we are a little crazy.

  26. Good luck to them

  27. paramourinwaiting

    I was excited at first but the coverage of the royal wedding is becoming a royal pain! Will I get up 4am to watch it? Umm…that’s still in the air. But nonetheless, they’re such a beautiful couple and I wish them the best! :-) Gosh, if I could be in her shoes for one day! Wow!

  28. our president Nasheed says he him self is a close friend of Prince Andrew. he was hoping to get an invitation from English monarch to him. wait wait and wait but did not apparently receive any. thinking his name was not traced by their secretariat and have send an open invitation for the royal couple to spend their honeymoon to Maldives.

  29. Here in Kenya, incidentally the land where Kate Middleton was born,everyone is excited and wont miss the wedding on tv, over the internet and satellite tv. We feel as though we are becoming part of royalty. You may be interested to know, Prince William actually popped the question right here in Kenya, at the prestigious RUTUNDU LOG CABIN on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. Any one interested in finding out the experience? Reply to this blog.

    • Well, you learn something new every day! It’s great that other cultures are a part of it! Thank you for sharing this!

  30. Espero que o vestido de Kate seja clássico e chique. Que ela impressione a todos.

  31. Self-designed gown?!? I would seriously doubt that… unless she has closely worked together with a designer to create it…. time will tell- only 4 more days!

    • Sarah Raney – You’re amazing We are soooo so so so happy with your work, and you’re selirusoy the most talented person I know..and patient too, you were able to handle all of mine and my sister’s demands which can sometimes be quite a task haha.. can’t wait for the wedding pics!!

  32. I don’t know why, but I am very excited for the wedding! I’d like to mention that Galen Weston, a Canadian, was invited as well. That makes me even more thrilled! So looking forward to Friday morning!

  33. although I am sick of hearing about it, that is due to the main media, somebody writing it on here well that is up to them because they wish the couple well so there is no need to be awful and be rude about the special day of such two lovely people. I do wish the pair all the best for a long and happy marriage and let them be a couple that will be still together when they are of the age of the queen, i am not sure i will be watching the wedding although in some ways i feel i should, i do know through a friend of a student that studied with them at eton, that they tried their very hardest at school to escape security and have a normal life, i just wish they could have a normal wedding and not have to be in the limelight on their main day, why cant it be video’ed by one media source and portrayed to the world the day after whilst the happy couple get about their married life or at least a day of it away from the media

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  35. I can’t wait to see the dress!

  36. To be honest, and lets cut to the chase here….who really gives a flying donkeys do dah about this whole shambolic affair. The pathetic half hearted distraction really isnt fooling anyone. Personally, they would have got more respect by saying that they would have a nice quiet wedding rather than this total waste of taxe payers money in a recession. But oh no! This ain’t Charles and Di, and given the economic climate at the moment I honestly think people have more concerns than ohhhh the dress, ohhhh the guest list.
    Supporting this farce is anything but patriotic.

    • probably will make our country millions of pounds not just on the day but whole year… one off artisans making commermorative goods.. spike in tourism. According to numrous inside sources the pair have made a true effort to limit spending.. moreover take a look at the wedding industry alone. It is HUGE and will only gain from this…. not all people are the same and some really do buy into the “whole nine yards!” Gypsy weddings for instance.
      The Obamas have not been invited.. something to do with how much the security would cost…… that would have been the tax payers but im sure the rest is above board.

  37. I’m very excited to see what Kate’s dress looks like and see all the celebrities that end up going! I love Kate’s fashion sense, so I’m sure that her dress is going to be beautiful. I’m very interested to see if it is true that she is designing her own dress.Can’t wait to watch it. Good luck to them!

  38. I wish Diana was here to see all this.. very happy for the couple!

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  40. Awww Obama cant go? lol so funny

    Shes beautiful and I wish them the besssstttttt. I wish Princess Diana was here to see it. =(

  41. I liked what the late JFK Jr. did with his wedding — keeping it out of the press, having a small, private, secret ceremony.

  42. kanye will NOT be there mark my words. lol I do love Elton and Bean though haha <33

  43. Really Happy for Them. Congrats!

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  45. I blogged about how I’d definitely be watching this wedding here , and then I found out it’s on at about 4 in the morning! Might still watch it though…

  46. Sorry to you all who are tired of the Royals. I am excited and have taken a holiday to cook up a Vegan fare for my home watching with another Brit watcher.
    Looking forward to seeing Kate and William’s wedding and sending blessings for a long happy marriage. Relax everyone and let they bring a bit of fairytale back in our lifes!!

  47. wow, amazing party :D

  48. No matter whether the dress is designed by herself or not, I really look forward to their wedding.Thank you for your sharing.

  49. i’m only excited and interested on what the people will wear.LOL

  50. Sounds like it’ll be a great wedding! Can’t wait to see Kate’s dress, ha ha!

  51. I hope they have a happy wedding and a good future together as a couple. I probably WILL NOT be watching it though 4am?! no way. LOL.

  52. Thanks for the information…

  53. how the biggest, marriage party are…!!

  54. It will be unforgetable memory

  55. its very good.. congratulation..

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  57. she designed it well.
    can’t wait to watch it on tv.

  58. she is very pretty too!

  59. 哈哈,皇家的婚礼很受关注

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  61. Fancy Lingerie

    Did we hear heavy rain in the forecast? Is her dress rainproof?

  62. Excelente, muy bueno, felicidades.

  63. I’m looking forward to seeing what she wears. No doubt it will be amazing, no matter who designs it.

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  65. Im sooo happy for them, well done to katie for desiging her own wedding dress… On friday let there be history, heres to the new King and Queen of ENGLAND!!! :) xxxxxxxxxxxxx <3 <3 <3

  66. Invited or not, looks like the world will witness this grand wedding. Well, I hope Prince William and gorgeous Kate will have a better married life than that of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. :D

  67. That is very brave of her to design the wedding dress herself. It shall be interesting to see it on the day!

    As for the guest list, I’m not into the rumors about Kanye attending. Imagine, Kate Middleton is slowly pacing down the aisle, as she gazes towards Prince William, IN COMES KANYE WEST! “Right, i’m-a let you finish, but, KATY PERRY HAD THE BEST WEDDING OF ALL TIME, all time…”. On a more serious note, how can the couple invite Kanye and not the President of the United States and the First Lady?

  68. Aww.. I love her Dress! Cute!

  69. A supervisor of mine once said “Everyone pays attention to what everyone is paying attention to.” On April 29, I will be paying attention and getting up early, early to view this wedding just as I did with my two mo. old 30 yrs. ago in July of ’81. We want to know how this new generation handles the old and engages the new. I want to see what changes, what endures and what prevails.

  70. Very intersting. Do you have a share button?

  71. Christ will be returning soon. That is much bigger news than those two getting married. I think that they are very brave to go through such a public wedding.

  72. awesome!! royal wedding!!
    hey,… is there any coffee in their wedding??
    i hope there are Java Coffee

    please check unique information about java coffee.

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    Hope you’ll join us.

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  76. Very excited for the wedding!
    But, I heard she was getting The House of Alexander McQueen to do the dress?

  77. Jailson Rainer

    I feel like i wnna marry too.

  78. Its the big day tomorow !!! cant wait , hope the weather will be good for them :) <3

  79. Thoroughly enjoyable richly detailed account of two individuals who won my heart through the depth of a genuine love that was often tested, but ultimately demonstrated the depth of their characters in realizing that theirs was a love to hang on to and cherish, as Princess Diana had wished for her sons. She would applaud William and his choice of life partner. Highly recommended read. Kudoes to the author in his reseach and presentation.

  80. I am so excited loo forward to see her dress and hair do. All the best for them.
    Baju Bali

  81. Nossa.. vendo esta casamentoo da vontade de Casar!! hehe
    Mais isso realmente e um Grande desperdício de DinheirOo.. Mundo Parou Para Acompanha esta Casamento!! =D

  82. There is so so much news over the royal wedding. However I must admit I plan to watch it and relish in the extra day off with the great UK bank holiday system!
    Nice post.

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