Oversized, Cable Knit Sweaters

They are everywhere! Oversized, cable knit sweaters are sweeping across the globe as one of this fall’s “must have” pieces. You see some stars wear this piece and look amazing; however, others struggle pulling off the look. Have no fear! Anyone can wear this fashion; you just have to watch the style of sweater you choose. So, how do you wear an oversized sweater?

Remember, we are still women and should show off our curves. Wear your oversized sweater with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings! This look will allow you to look chic in your trendy sweater, while simultaneously showing off your feminine legs.

The one body shape that might have trouble pulling off this look would be the apple shapes, women with larger busts and waistlines, with smaller hips and legs. However, there is a way! Try wearing the oversized sweaters that gather at the end and fit snug at the hip. It is also important for the apple shapes not to invest in cable knit texture. Clean lines are best, and the gathering at the hip will accentuate the small hips and legs.

The only “don’t” of oversized sweaters would be to wear one with a baggy pair of jeans. Remember, although this season’s trends may lean toward the masculine look on women, with oversized sweaters and boyfriend blazers, this does not mean we need to actually look like men. We always want to keep that sexy, feminine silhouette!

One response to “Oversized, Cable Knit Sweaters

  1. the woman in the top picture was my art tcaeher as a child. she had the most amazing make up and clothes and hair EVERY SINGLE DAY. she never missed a beat. she used to dress in more dark colors, though this might have just been a “summer brights” day for her.shes the sweetest, most passionate woman in the world. it was such a great surprise to see her on this blog (i JUST found your site today)her name is carol, by the wayxoxomadelyn

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