Michelle Obama spends $50,000 on lingerie?!

It was reported that First Lady Michelle Obama, along with the Queen of Qatar, closed off part of Madison Ave. last year for a “First Lady Shopping Spree.” The two women allegedly splurged on some sexy lingerie by Agent Provocateur, adding up to about $50 GRAND! The alleged shopping spree was said  to spark a 12% increase in the British label’s sales reports.

Almost immediately after the release of the story, Kristina Schake, director of communications for First Lady Michelle Obama, released a statement saying, “‘This story is 100 per cent false.” For a woman who usually prides herself on shopping at more affordable stores, such as Target, Gap and J.Crew, if this shopping spree were correct, it could cause quite an uproar (if it hasn’t already).

What are your thoughts – Do you think the Mrs. Obama spent $50 grand on lingerie? Is this acceptable behavior for a first lady? Fashionably Correct?

For the original story from the Telegraph, click here.

3 responses to “Michelle Obama spends $50,000 on lingerie?!

  1. Wish I COULD SPLURGE OUT ON SOME EXPENSIVE LINGERIE. Why shouldn’t she? Is such lingerie only for the shop windows?

    • No, not only for the shop windows – I’m all for having some fun :) but is this something the first lady should be buying in public? And, even more daunting, should the first lady be spending $50 grand on lingerie, when our nation is suffering an economic crisis? Thoughts?

  2. Thank you so much for the post, it was interesting reading.

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